John Nash
"Beautiful Mind" mathematician John Nash killed

Catholic Church needs 'reality check'


US: Iraqi forces lack will to fight. US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter says the rout of Iraqi forces at Ramadi showed they lacked the will to fight against Islamic State.

China says U.S. actions in South China Sea 'irresponsible, dangerous'

U.S. continues patrols after China warns spy plane
U.S. vows to continue patrols after China warns spy plane


Russia Warns Citizens Traveling Abroad Of U.S. Arrest Threat. Russia is warning citizens traveling abroad that U.S. authorities are on the hunt for Russians around the world who may have violated U.S. laws.

Germany declines comment on reported 'deep freeze' with U.S. intelligence

Military chief says migrants 'pretend to be Rohingya' as country rescues first boat. A Burma general apparently suggests the migrants were pretending to be Rohingya to seek UN assistance and said the country of origin should be investigated

The most draconian law yet. Everything you need to know about Russia’s new legislation against ‘undesirable organizations’

Image result for benjamin netanyahu

Netanyahu puts the brakes on ‘segregated’ West Bank buses




NASA Believes Algae And Bacteria Will Achieve Oxygen Production On Mars

China Mission to Dark Side of Moon…

Early men and women were equal, say scientists

In Case You Missed It

‘Critical Alert': Jeff Sessions Warns America Against Potentially Disastrous Obama Trade Deal

11 Worst Fast Food Restaurants in America


Why Norway's Offshore Drilling is Safer

Israel has many injustices. But it is not an apartheid state - Benjamin Pogrund. In South Africa, I saw real apartheid up close. These claims against Israel are a distraction from the battle for justice for Palestinians

From Tel Aviv to the Thames, It’s the Age of Neo-Tribalism.The failure to predict election results isn’t about left versus right; it’s about the collapse of our public sphere.

Yale President
Yale President Calls on Graduates To Commit to Tikkun Olam. ‘Your purpose in life … is simply this: to improve the world’


A Police Story Unravels: How Did the NYPD Break an NBA Player’s Leg?


Free E-books


A Look at the Abandoned Sports Cars of Dubai


Appeals court sides with Google in anti-Muslim film case

California prostitute pleads guilty in overdose death of Google exec, gets 6 years










Magnitude-4.8 quake in rural Nevada is felt 100 miles away in Vegas, closes busy highway ramp May 23, 2015, 8:06 AM

31M Left Underinsured by High Healthcare Costs: Report

FBI finds no gunshot to train

UPDATE: Deadly Texas biker battle was rooted in feud...

US airlines step up attack on Middle East carriers -Posted: 16 May 2015 01:19 PM PDT - Leaders of the three largest US airlines accuse Middle Eastern competitors of receiving unfair government subsidies.

U.S., allies conduct 18 air strikes in Iraq, eight in Syria

Severe Weather May Bring Tornados to Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas


FBI looking into fractured AMTRAK window...

Engineer does not recall moments leading up to crash...

Panicked? Wounded?

Nepal earthquake: Wreckage of missing American helicopter found


Mexico gunfight kills 43 as government hits gang hard | Video

Venezuela’s woes: economy tanks as crime soars

Bad Vaccines Kill 2 Babies, Sicken 29 in Mexico

pMexico's public health system has suspended infant vaccines after two babies died and 29 were sickened in an impoverished community.

Venezuela Raises Minimum Wage 30% Amid Raging Inflation...


B.C. First Nation rejects more than $1B in first stage of vote over LNG proposal.

The first of three votes on a natural gas benefit offer worth over $1 billion has been unanimously rejected by a First Nation on British Col


Iraq coalition must shift to 24/7 air coverage to beat ISIS: former colonel

Former adviser to chiefs of defence staff George Petrolekas, says the coalition fighting ISIS needs to increase air coverage in order to degrade and destroy the terror group. Continue reading →

U.S., coalition hit Islamic State targets near Ramadi in Iraq


Juice becomes latest food target as Health Canada appears poised to cut fruit drinks from nutrition guide

Completely New Models of Dementia Care Are Emerging Across the Globe

Half hour of physical activity 6 days a week linked to 40 percent lower risk of early death

How to Make Excellent Liposomal Vitamin C - Video

Top Killing Agents Hidden In Your Water

STUDY: Smoking marijuana causes early puberty, stunts growth...

Boys 'four inches shorter'...

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How the Mengo Crisis shaped Ugandan politics

Dozens killed in al Shabaab fighting in Somalia, attack in capital


U.S. Gas Exports Threaten Russia's Dominance in Europe. The United States is poised to begin exporting huge amounts of liquefied natural gas produced from shale fracking, posing a significant threat to Russia's dominance in the European gas market.

Has The Gluten-free Food Trend Peaked

Millions of Barrels of Oil Are About to Vanish

$1,397 an hour! Top paid McDonald's workers

Soros Is Worried About Potential for World War III, Starting With China

El Niño 2015 Could Make Food More Expensive, Especially Coffee, Chocolate And Rice, Experts Warn

Tel Aviv’s Café Tamar Closing After 74 Years. Regulars of bohemian haven were left-wingers, artists, and bons vivants


Ancestry: Through his mother, María, the Duke is also descended from Spanish dictator General Franco
Enter Louis XX! Meet the (rather handsome) Spanish duke who claims that he should be the next King of FRANCE

Cannes Turns Away Amputee
Cannes 'turned away amputee in flat shoes'

Bristol Palin cancels wedding
Bristol Palin calls off wedding, doesn't cancel party



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