Bodies of 8 slain soldiers found in northern Mali

Yemen’s forgotten children in a cholera crisis

South Sudan no longer in famine following an increase in aid, a UN-backed report says. However, the report warns that the situation remains desperate as the number of people at risk of starvation has increased in the last month.

World Refugee Council raises alarm over S. Sudan crisis

South Sudan has world's fastest growing number of displaced

Eritrea says Qatar has not explained its hasty withdrawal - why it withdrew 450 peacekeeping troops from the East African nation’s contested border area with Djibouti.

Money, access and security main challenges to averting famine in Somalia: experts. ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Prompt humanitarian action has kept drought-ridden Somalia from sliding into famine so far but more resources, better security and increased access to remote areas are needed to bring the country back from the brink, experts said on Tuesday.

’They sleep when they’re too hungry’: South Sudanese trapped by war and famine grow increasingly desperate. The disaster will be ‘ongoing without peace,’ UN official says of food shortages in region beset by civil war.




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