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AP: Marine birds disappearing in Pacific Northwest

— Significant ecological shift, crashes in many species — “Something’s happening on a big level, but what is it” — Herring problem may be far worse than revealed… result of contamination? Mexico suddenly bans bluefin tuna fishing, US may be next.


UN Security Council calls for ‘immediate, unconditional humanitarian ceasefire’ in Gaza

Israel Strikes Continue - - Live Event

'We are looking at the beginnings of a Holocaust'

Israel must prepare for protracted Gaza campaign: Netanyahu



Iraq lays claim to Kurdish crude cargo in Texas: filing

5:53pm EDT


Britain cuts EU migrants' access to welfare payments

5:30pm EDT


U.S. 'disappointed' Netherlands released Venezuelan wanted over drugs

World, Venezuela 5:25pm EDT


Kerry to woo Modi's India, but quick progress unlikely

Politics, World, China, United Nations 5:12pm EDT


Huge blaze out of control in Tripoli battle as Libya slides into chaos | Video

World, United Nations, Libya 5:06pm EDT


Israel warns of long Gaza war as Palestinian fighters cross border | Video

World, Israel 4:07pm EDT



Marcio Charata greets people in the fish market in Maputo, Mozambique.
Portuguese head to former African colony to escape euro crisis


John Michael Greer: If the Four Horsemen Arrive, Offer Beer.



Human intelligence ‘peaked thousands of years ago and we’ve been on an intellectual and emotional decline ever since’


NEW 2 Americans infected with Ebola

Latest Health News





US Marines perfecting autonomous evacuation and supply vehicle

Lightning kills 1, hurts 13 on beach

Meat scandal hits McDonald's, KFC

Molestation suspect killed; officers wounded

A man recently featured on CNN's "The Hunt with John Walsh" was killed in Manhattan while police were attempting to arrest him, two sources said. FULL STORY


plane crash

2 people dead in plane crash at Nanaimo golf course



Teen accused of decapitating classmate

BANGKOK : A ten-year-old girl died in a grenade blast while four others - including a soldier - were killed in a shootout hours later in Thailand’s war-torn deep south, officials said Monday. The girl was killed when suspected Muslim rebels, who are fighting for a greater level of autonomy from the Thai state, detonated a grenade near a mosque in Pattani province late Sunday. ‘She died later at a hospital,’ police commander ...


July 28, 2014, 4:38 pm

“Tiger” wants to get back into the field, to save lives






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