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- March 24, 2018

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Canadian dollar jumps half a cent as inflation hits three-year high, boosting chances of rate hike.

Today's Markets

China targets 3- billion dollars worth of U.S. goods in tariff spat.

Canada caught between 'two elephants' in China-U.S. trade fight. Howard Balloch, former Canadian ambassador to China., joins BNN to discuss how he sees the trade tensions between U.S. and China playing out and what it may mean for Canada.

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Security experts sound alarm about Canada's ties to Chinese tech company Huawei

Future of TV in balance as AT&T, Time Warner plead merger case.Fans will be glued to the “March Madness” college basketball tournament as the joint owner of rights for the games, Time Warner Inc, goes before a judge on Thursday to defend a proposed takeover by AT&T Inc.

Trump prepares China trade sanctions, Beijing vows retaliation

Trump administration reportedly drops NAFTA U.S. auto-content proposal. Issue was a big stumbling block for automakers in NAFTA negotiations.

Top Stories

Australia: Tropical Cyclone Nora expected to reach category four before hitting Queensland
Tropical Cyclone Nora expected to reach category four before hitting Queensland

Toys R Us founder Charles Lazarus dies at 94 as his company folds

Is Bosnia the next Ukraine?

Zuckerberg speaks out about Cambridge analytica crisis

Facebook: A community like no other. Should you leave it?


California storm forces flood rescues but spares Montecito

Arab Coalition ‘Robbing Yemen Of Sovereignty'

eastern Ghouta
eastern Ghouta

Syrian rebels to leave key town in eastern Ghouta enclave. BEIRUT — Syrian rebels and their families boarded government buses before departing a …

Anti-military California teacher
'Anti-military' California teacher fired for video rant

NBC documentary looks at images that propelled civil rights

Trump called Russian President Vladimir Putin to congratulate him for winning the election. The call was met with some criticism. Republican U.S. Sen. John McCain said in a statement: "An American president does not lead the Free World by congratulating dictators on winning sham elections."


Arab Coalition ‘Robbing Yemen Of Sovereignty'

eastern Ghouta
eastern Ghouta

Syrian rebels to leave key town in eastern Ghouta enclave. BEIRUT — Syrian rebels and their families boarded government buses before departing a …

Myanmar president
Myanmar president, close friend of Suu Kyi, says he's retiring.

The New Arab
Sunday Guardian Live
India Express latest news


Interior Sec'y Ryan Zinke
The Department of Interior had a no good, very embarrassing week. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke insulted Japanese Americans, people with disabilities, veterans, and elders. He’s also facing heat for alleged travel luxuries and for mixing government business with politics.


Brisbane Broncos beat Wests Tigers 9-7 at Campbelltown, after the Bulldogs beat the Panthers at home.

Upsets abound in NCAA men's basketball tournament. The No. 1 overall seed Virginia and defending champion North Carolina both lost in the first two rounds of the NCAA men's college basketball. Who will make it to the Final Four in San Antonio, Texas?

Harry Kane
Harry Kane injury shines a light on England's lack of alternative striking options ahead of World Cup


Green Party leader arrested for violating Kinder Morgan injunction


South Sudan: Drought and war devastating economy. It now has to import almost everything, but rising customs fees are making even the most basic products unaffordable.

In Africa, Trump’s firing of Tillerson a new sign of neglect.


Origin of the LB symbol for pound weight

Zuckerberg speaks out about Cambridge analytica crisis

Facebook’s chief information security officer Alex Stamos is leaving the company, New York Times reported on Monday, citing current and former employees briefed on the matter.

Consultants to the Trump campaign accessed 50 million Facebook accounts illegally

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First explorers to America

Planetary scientists from the California Institute of Technology state that our sun has tilted 6 degrees compared to its equator.

Controversial Video Reveals: Alkaline Water Is Actually “DEAD Water”

Telford abuse: 'I was sold twice a night'

Strange Phenomenon Under Africa Threatens to Flip Earth's Magnetic Field

Canada radio news

NBC Nightly News


The Changing Face of Manhood

Questions answered about dining out

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For the defense of traditional, family history & lineages


: Beyond the Legend at Melbourne Museum reveals truth about Scandinavian raiders.

Blogging for Authors - How to Grow Your Own Traffic Goldmine

Steven Pinker
Enlightenment and progress: why Steven Pinker is wrong. An important book, despite historical and philosophical weakness.

How I negotiated $700 for ghostwriting six one-page articles

Preparing your article: How to submit articles to publications

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NBC documentary looks at images that propelled civil rights

Donald Trump Jr with wife
Donald Trump Jr and wife headed for divorce friends say


Canada radio news
Player Radio


These antioxidants could treat psychosis

Hurricane Harvey’s toxic impact more widespread than reported, health concerns raised.

10 benefits of taking probiotics

Foods and Herbs for optimum health

The link between sugar and Alzheimers strengthens
Natural Healing
Herbs Info
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Looking back on a colleague's spectacular success against all odds. His life was a manifestation of amazing willpower - and technology.

Explaining climate change science & rebutting global warming misinformation

What's the link between cosmic rays and climate change


Top 25 travel destinations.

Travelzoo: The latest deals and news

Mile High Wine Tours


Royal visit to Israel breaks a long-standing taboo

Indigenous News

*Visit Native American Peoples
Indian Country today

* Aptn

In Case You Missed

Scientific America: In case you missed it.


Pedro Pablo Kuczynski: Under fire Peru president resigns - BBC News

Actor and filmmaker Gael Garcia Bernal
Mexican actor Garcia Bernal brings call for end to impunity to U.N.
Actor and filmmaker Gael Garcia Bernal called on Tuesday for the United Nations and governments around the world to put pressure on his native Mexico to end impunity for corruption and large-scale killings. Read more


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