Radiated Milk

220 days later: Radiation levels in San Francisco-area milk remain above EPA’s Max Contaminant Level — Cesium-137 continues steady increase that began in August

*JUST IN* Paper: “Now evidence has emerged that the radiation in Canada was worse than Canadian officials ever let on” — Radioactive coverup?

Ohio Nuclear Plants

Crack in concrete on the outside of the Ohio’s Davis–Besse plant Nuclear Plant reactor’s containment building

High Internal Radiation Exposure Found In Japan Kids

Local Official: "We are not human guinea pig" – Tells young people to leave Japan

News Highlights

As night falls on eastern Turkey after the most powerful earthquake in at least a decade, survivors are using flashlights and shovels as they comb the rubble of collapsed buildings looking for victims. DEVELOPING STORY

Massive quake rocks Turkey; dozens of buildings collapse …Turkey’s main seismography center says the 7.3-magnitude quake that hit the east of the country could have killed up to 1,000 people.

1,000 feared dead...Rescuers in Turkey are digging through rubble to reach victims after the most powerful earthquake in at least a decade. The tremor and at least seven aftershocks rattled the eastern part of the country. DEVELOPING STORY


Massive windfall as B.C.'s Seaspan wins $8-billion shipbuilding contract.


Argentine President wins landslide re-election, 53 percent and history’s widest victory margin.

Chavez: ‘Not a malignant cell in this body’


Gaddafi's death: growing revulsion at the treatment of the dictator’s body. As hundreds queue to see the former Libyan leader and his son lying dead in cold storage, the NTC is split on what to do next.


Steve Jobs: His products - the Mac, iPhone, iPad and others - forever changed the way we think about technology. But how should we think about the man behind them, Apple's hard-driving co-founder Steve Jobs? In the years before his death, Jobs granted biographer Walter Isaacson more than 40 interviews, many recorded on tape. The result, as Steve Kroft reveals in this two-part story for "60 Minutes", is a rich portrait of an extraordinary innovator, whose outsized talents were matched by very human limitations.

Should Linking Equal Publishing When It Comes To Defamatory Content?

Chime.In: The Social Network That Pays You To Post


More than one in 10 Americans use antidepressants

Expert Radiation Advice from Gabriel Cousens, MD – Including 6 Principles of Radiation Protection

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