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Myth Buster


My sister sent me an e-mail with this subject line. "True story -- seen on the side of a bus."

And the bus-side message... "The Flu Shot DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE FLU. Get vaccinated!"

And you know what THAT means. Flu season is right around the corner.

But it also means that, as always, health officials are willing to say just about anything to get you to roll up a sleeve and get the shot.

Even if they know full well they're fudging the truth.

The hands have it

Ask anyone at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Or ask just about any conventional M.D. They'll tell you that "flu from a flu shot" is the most persistent myth surrounding the flu vaccine.

And if they warm up to the subject, they'll be happy to explain.

You see, the flu shot doesn't contain a live virus. So it's virtually IMPOSSIBLE for the shot to transmit an influenza virus.

See how simple that is? It's all in our heads. Psychosomatic. Power of suggestion. It's not even feasible.

Well... except for one little detail.

An ABC News report notes that it's "common to experience reactions to the shot, such as achiness or a low-grade fever."

And here's where the "myth" turns out to be myth...wrapped in truth.

Let's say you get a flu shot in the morning. Then that evening you feel rotten. You're achy. You've got a fever. And this may last another 24 hours or more.

No, you don't have the flu. You just feel completely miserable. You know... like when you have the flu.

Well here's a newsflash for doctors and CDC bureaucrats. If I FEEL like I have the flu, it makes no difference at all to me that I don't really HAVE the flu!

It's like if I park my car and someone plows into it. Technically, you can say I wasn't in a car accident. But my car is still totaled.

But never mind all that. You can be sure that medical mainstreamers will be calling "flu from a flu shot" a myth till the end of their days.

Meanwhile, here are two flu FACTS they'll never tell you...

FLU FACT ONE... Research shows that vitamin D supplements are better than a flu vaccine at preventing the flu.

FLU FACT TWO... Nothing works better than washing your hands.

As I've mentioned before, Cochrane Collaboration research shows that washing your hands frequently is THE BEST way to curb the spread of respiratory infection.

Dr. Tom Jefferson of Cochrane told the magazine Der Spiegel... "This method can fight against the 200 pathogens that bring about flu symptoms as well as against gastrointestinal viruses and completely unknown germs.

"One study done in Pakistan has shown that hand-washing can even save children's lives."

And there are your evidence-based myth busters. The flu shot can't measure up to clean hands and vitamin D.