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About Treating Your Dog Right

Just like us, our pets can suffer from wrong diet, and pollution, as well as physical and emotional stress.

Wendy Volhard, author of Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog, agrees pointing out that the life span for purebred dogs has been dramatically reduced. For example, the average life of a Newfoundland has been reduced by half over the past 25 or so years; from 14 years to 7 years, according to a Newfoundland Club of America survey.

The Animal Protection Institute [API] claims that commercial pet foods, such as Friskies and Kal-Kan, contain mostly grain wastes and meat by-products, which can include euthanized shelter animals, cancer-ridden livestock, road kill, downer animals, moldy grains and rancid restaurant grease. Federal meat inspector and veterinarian P. F. McGargle, notes that low-in-nutrition “scraps” fed to pets increases their chances of cancer and other degenerative disease. A good quality, natural pet food is preferable. Volhard suggests using a pet food that contains two animal proteins in the first three ingredients and that is preserved with vitamins C and E.

Products to avoid are those containing artificial colorings, BHA and BHT, ethoxyquin, propylene glycol, propyl gallate and sodium nitrate/nitrite, and animal by-products - unless they are identified as organ meats.

These high-quality packaged foods must be cooked. The drawback is that cooking destroys enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Experts recommend that we supplement these pet foods with raw foods and vitamins and minerals. Holistic veterinarian Dr. Will Winter, says “Dogs and cats were designed to handle raw, uncooked foods.” He recommends mixing fresh cuts of meat [not ground] with whole grains and vegetables. Fish can be included but cooked to eliminate parasites.

Suitable prepared food for cats and dogs include Wysong and Langs Natural, containing the best ingredients; organic whole grains, whole cuts of meat. These do not contain any undesirable ingredients.

Wholesome treats for your dog are Dandy Doggie, and Wow-Bow. These brands include a large assortment of organic, vegetarian dog biscuits, grain pastries, cookies, and fresh-baked kibble.

Not only can we benefit from a whole-food diet and natural remedies, but also so can our pets.

Sources: 1. Richard Petcairn, DVM, PhD 2. Tracey C. Rembert, Environmental Magazine Issue: May-June, 1998 3. Wendy Volhard, author of Holistic Guide For A Healthy Dog, Howell Book House, 1995

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