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American City & County
American Prospect
American Spectator
APA Publications - American Planning Association
Boston Review
Brookings Review
Campaigns & Elections
City Journal
Congressional Quarterly
Congressional Record
Country Connections
County News
Federal Times
Foreign Affairs
Foreign Policy
Government Executive
Independence Hall
Intelligence Newsletter
Middle East Insight
Mother Jones
Municipal World
National Journal
National NOW Times
National Review
New Republic
Planet: The Sierra Club Activist Resource
Planning Commissioners Journal
Policy Review
Political Science Quarterly
Progressive Populist
Regulation - The Cato Institute
Roll Call
Saturday Night
State - US State Department
The Hill
The Nation
The Progressive
Washington International
Washington Monthly
Washington Report On Middle East Affairs
Weekly Standard
World Press Review
Z Magazine
New Presence
Japan Echo
International Review of the Red Cross
( United Kingdom )
For a Change
New Internationalist
New Statesman
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