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  • * Israel’s Netanyahu praises Trump’s condemnation of anti-Semitic acts

    * Emminent domain key to President Trump’s border wall?

  • Evan Siegfried, author of ‘GOP GPS,’ says White House may face legal battle in this multi-billion dollar project

    * South Korea will take lead in life expectancy by 2030, study predicts

    Marie Le Pen is latest politician embroiled in fraud allegations

    South China Sea - What’s at stake?

    * Zuckerberg: my Facebook manifesto to re-boot globalisation

    * Meeting Israel’s Netanyahu, Trump backs away from commitment to Palestinian state

    * Malaysia detains woman, seeking others in connection with North Korean murder

    * Strong winds, heavy snow hammer Atlantic Canada

    Powerful nighttime earthquake in Philippines kills at Least 6

    Hundreds Of Whales Are Currently Stranded On A Beach In New Zealand.
    By Jessica Murray on Feb 12, 2017 07:07 am -
    After 300 pilot whales were found dead on a New Zealand beach, with a further 140 found struggling for survival on the coast on Friday, a further 240 arrived the following day, making the situation...-- Read in browser »

    WA storms: BOM warns of severe thunderstorms, heavy rain, flash flooding and hailstones

    Russia Eyes Sending Snowden to U.S. as Gift to Trump

    Hundreds of whales dead after mass stranding in New Zealand

    A key figure in the pro-democracy Open Russia movement is suffering in hospital from "acute poisoning by an undetermined substance"

    Appeals Court Panel Refuses to Reinstate Trump Travel Order

    Senate confirms Sen. Jeff Sessions as next attorney general

    NATO troops from Germany arrive in Lithuania as Trump pledges support for alliance

    Appeals Court to Hear High-Stakes Arguments Over Trump Immigration Order

    Asked about Putin, Trump says US isn’t ‘so innocent’

    U.S. Judge Temporarily Blocks Trump Immigration Order Nationwide

    Over 100,000 Visas Have Been Revoked by Immigration Ban, Justice Dept. Reveals

    Trump: Iran “on notice” following missile test

    What Went Wrong? Inside the Yemen SEAL Raid

    Trump Berates Australian Prime Minister’ ‘Dumb Deal’ With Obama

    US-Canada border crossing ‘worse for minorities’

    Trump executive order prompts Google to recall staff

    Trump: ‘We don’t want them here’ Immigration ban stuns, angers the world

    Donald Trump slams Angela Merkel’s refugee policy

    Britain Quits European Nuclear Body

    White House softens stance on 20% border tax idea, calling it part of a 'buffet of options'

    White House says 20% tax on Mexican imports could fund border wall

    Why Russia is about to decriminalise wife-beating

    Mexican president cancels meeting with Trump

    Is Trump Walking Back the Israel Embassy Move?

    US is no longer a full democracy, EIU warns

    These are the world’s most corrupt countries

    Massive Earthquake in Papua, New Guinea

    US Justice Department’s green light for Kushner to advise Trump

    More survivors pulled from rubble of Italian hotel, all 4 children survived. Four more survivors of avalanche that crushed hotel were rescued overnight

    10 survivors located after Italy avalanche, 2 pulled to safety: Fire service

    Italy Avalanche: 6 People Found Alive Inside Buried Hotel

    Obama’s last transfer of Guantanamo Bay detainees

    Mexican Drug Lord Lands in New York to Face Charges

    Rome metro evacuated as powerful earthquakes rock Italy

    * China Warns the U.S. of War in the South China Sea

    * As dozens of countries tout support for Palestinian state, Israel calls the Paris talks ‘rigged’.
    Netanyahu dismisses conference as ‘last flutters of yesterday’s world’ as Trump inauguration nears

    Cold wave continues to disrupt life in northern India. Weather poses danger to homeless in cities including New Delhi, Shimla

    Migrants freezing to death in Greece, UN says. Refugee agency warns of ‘dire’ situation as cold snap grips region

    a href="">Mosul battle: Iraq forces ‘retake’ university from IS

    U.S. troops set up base in Poland, drawing sharp rebuke from Russia
    ‘These actions threaten our interests, our security,’ Russian spokesman says

    Why Russia’s Kremlin watchers take Trump dossier with a grain of salt

    *Senate Republicans begin process to undo Obamacare

  • *Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner to be named senior adviser

  • * Official: US Navy ship fires warning shots at Iranian boats

  • * Migrant crisis: Germany sees massive drop in asylum seekers

    Thailand flooding claims at least 25 lives  

    *Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner to be named senior adviser

    Europe cold weather death toll rises

    Electoral College makes it official: Trump wins presidency

    US election hacking: Putin ‘sought to help’ Trump

    WAR GAMES: US sends special forces to RUSSIAN BORDER as Nato is poised to strike back against Vladimir Putin’s ‘aggression’

    ‘FACEBOOK Law’ Passes Knesset Preliminary Vote

    Syrian conflict: Rebels threaten to boycott peace talks

    Duterte seeks ‘strategic shift’ from US to China: envoy

    Russian diplomats expelled by Obama over hacking leave US

    Indonesian ferry fire leaves 23 dead and 17 missing

    5.6-magnitude quake hits Indonesia

    Attackers Open Fire at Nightclub in Istanbul, At Least 39 Killed, 70 Wounded

    Attackers Open Fire at Nightclub in Istanbul, Killing 35

    Vladimir Putin Rejects His Minister’s Proposal to Expel 35 US Diplomats

    Debbie Reynolds Death at 84

    NewsAlert:Obama orders sanctions against Russian in response to election hacking Dec 29, 2016, 11:19 AM

    Celebs react as actress Carrie Fisher dies after massive heart attack

    Carrie Fisher

    Body of crashed Russian military jet found in search for black box. Investigators have located the fuselage of the Russian military plane, which crashed in the Black Sea on Sunday, killing all 92 people on board

    A Russian military plane carrying members of the army’s official choir traveling to perform in Syria has crashed in the Black Sea near Sochi. There are apparently no survivors, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

    Russian plane disappears from radar: Russian media. Russian media outlets are reporting a Russian plane disappeared from radar about 20 minutes after takeoff from Sochi. The reports suggest the aircraft was carrying over 90 people and was on route from the Black Sea resort to Syria’s Latakia province at about 5:20 a.m. local time.


    Nine killed, many missing after a boat carrying a football team capsized in Uganda

    Breast cancer recurrence is less for women participating in social networking activities

    Chinese carrier enters South China Sea amid renewed tension

    * Fire in Japan engulfs 150 buildings

    6:45PM The large number of traditional wooden buildings in Japan has contributed to the rapid spread of a fire which has engulfed 150 buildings in Itoigawa.

    * US rebukes Israel and allows UN condemnation of settlements

    * Social Security Checks Are Being Reduced for Unpaid Student Debt

    * Trump uses Berlin attack to argue for Muslim registry: ‘All along, I’ve been proven to be right — 100% correct’

    Norwegian consumer group warns of acrylamide in Christmas gingerbread. Beware of wide variations in the levels of possible carcinogen acrylamide in Christmas gingerbread, the Norwegian consumer group has said... Read

    Recalls: Listeria in ice cream and scorpion in exotic fruit

    Lorry ploughs into crown at Christmas market in Berlin - 12 dead and 48 injured, some severely


  • Assad: Trump could be ‘natural ally’ against terrorists. President-elect should hold true to campaign pledge to ‘really act against terror’ for successful Mideast policy, says Syrian leader

    * Philippines president threatens to throw out US troops

    * China to return seized US underwater drone, Pentagon says

    * Pentagon demands China return US underwater drone

    * Pentagon demands China return US underwater drone

    Epic destruction leaves Aleppo an empty shell at siege’s end

    * Fall of Aleppo could tip Syria from civil war to insurgency.

  • Patterns of thought Syrian rebels say the fall of Aleppo to government forces will change the war. A full-blown insurgency is one of three options they’re considering.


    Battle of Aleppo ends as Syria rebel deal agreed, says UN.

    Syrian regime troops regain control over the last areas of the previously rebel-held parts of the city, according to Russian ambassador to the UN

    Treachery killed USSR, Russia’s Gorbachev tells BBC

    Syrian Army in "Final Stages" of Aleppo Offensive

    Reid: FBI director’s letter cost Democrats the election, Senate

    Eric Bradner
    >By Eric Bradner, CNN - Updated 12:40 PM ET, Mon December 12, 2016

    * Aid groups descend on Indonesia quake zone; deaths reach 102

    More than three-quarters of the Syrian refugees in B.C. have been able to access English classes, but just 17 per cent have been able to find work in the year since they arrived, according to a report released Friday.

    GOP introduces plan to massively cut Social Security

    Indonesia Quake, sea under Tsunami watch

    Julian Assange says texts show he is ‘ entirely innocent’ of rape; WikiLeaks founder criticises Swedish prosecutor

    * Earthquake in Indonesia’s Aceh province kills 97

    * Colombia plane crash: airline chief arrested over Chapecoense disaster

    * Iraqi army launches fresh assault toward Mosul center

    Norbert Hofer
    Norbert Hofer Austria’s failed far-right presidential candidate

    Pirate Party members arrrrrrrre going to reshape Iceland’s politics

    Trump invites Philippine president who called Obama a ‘son of a b****’ to visit the White House

    Trump risks showdown with China after call with Taiwan

    Huge blast rocks one of Europe’s biggest oil refineries...

    Fears toxic cloud could drift across continent...

    Thick toxic smog clouds engulf London and Paris...

    Plane carrying Brazilian soccer team crashes in Colombia

    Canadian PM Justin Trudeau defends his praise of Fidel Castro

    76 killed, 5 survive as pro soccer team’s jet crashes in Colombia. The chartered aircraft was carrying a team playing in Brazil’s top division which was enjoying a fairy tale season. Poor weather conditions were reported at the crash site near Medellin, Colombia.

    Plane carrying Brazilian soccer team crashes in Colombia - 6 bodies found

    Park Geun-hye
    South Korean President: I’ll resign if that’s what you want

    Canadian PM Justin Trudeau defends his praise of Fidel Castro

    Fidel Castro dead according to Cuban state TV -- The BBC is reporting former Cuban leader Fidel Castro has died at the age of 90.

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