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Top/best alternative news media websites (that actually get updated)

  •; news from around the world

  • Alternative News---Featuring alternative history, science, archaeology, ancient Egypt, paranormal & supernatural, environment, etc.

  • in5d---This alternative news utopia is one of our favorites and features an abundant selection of updated articles that are interesting, educational, and mind altering. It has blossomed over the years into one of the most popular sites in the world. Check it out! 

  • Before It's News---An awesome assortment of updated articles from people around the world!

  • AlterNet---It’s looking pretty mainstream these days but still some good stories

  • Mathaba---The mathaba news network is an extremely large database of up to date articles concerning the most importan events around the world. We have learned so much just from checking this site everyday.

  • Pravda---Here’s a Russian News site that will have your mind racing in circles

  • ATS---Above Top Secret is a classic alternative news site with some pretty interesting opinions

  • Mercola---Sure they want to sell you products but here you can find some pretty good health articles!

  • Mother Jones –– Here’s a classic one that’s been around for years for a reason. If you’re looking for conspiracies though you might want to go somewhere else!

  • Benzinga---Definitely the best alternative financial site online for stocks picks. You can learn a whole lot with this one!

  • World Net Daily---If you’re in the mood for some trashy entertaining political news that in no way shape or form will benefit your life than WND is the place for you

  • mother nature news---I know what your thinking. This isn’t alternative media. Just because it has a few corporate sponsors and is probably some subsidiary of a megacorp doesn't make it not alternative. mnn is truly an amazing source for information and you can find a lot of useful knowledge here that you just can't find on CNN, NYTimes, Fox, MSNBC, or any other major network. Check it out!

  • Macedonia International News Agency---This website provides some of the best articles we have ever read. Quite frequently you'll find a true gem on here you just can’t find home in the States!!


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