Comey; "No Information" To Back Trump’s Claim That Obama Wiretapped Him

No.Korea warns US not to provoke 'actual war'

Yes, this is a real house completely encased in ice

SPEECH: President Rodrigo Duterte March 12, 2017

Syria War video today March 12, 2017

IT’S OVER! Trump SHAKING At What Syrian President Assad Told Him Seconds Ago…

How this music 'doctor' cured tinnitus in 30 days

Watch Live: Trump Announces Supreme Court Nominee

Trump’s Extreme Vetting Leaves 1000’s Scrambling at At Airports

Did Trump just expose a huge murder plot? In his first press conference, Trump said big pharma and mainstream medicine are "getting away with murder"… This terrifying video uncovers a plot that’s currently killing over 250,000 American seniors every year. Are you safe? Watch it Now

Dangerous winter storms hitting U.S. East Coast and West Coast

ALERT, NEWS UPDATE Lithosphere emitting alien signal Detected around the world

Stephen Hawking Says Earth Won’t Be Around Much Longer

Prince Harry Speaks Out on His Relationship With Meghan Markle

Amal Clooney Issues Warning to Donald Trump

Pro-Russian Steinmeier to become a President of Germany

Trump vs Corporations

Australia Returns Land to Aboriginals

Raw video: People flee Germany Mall Shooting

Minnesota shooting: Philando Castile�s death sparks outrage

Stream News

Clare Estrada just finished her book.
You may order her book here.
Here’s a short video about her book
‘Sound Cloud’; Edmonton, Alberta

Jet Stream Map of BC, Canada

Here's Why Your Jeans Have That Tiny Front Pocket

Facebook Tracks You Even If You're Not on Facebook

Justin Trudeau live

Can We Live Forever? Biggest Secrets of Human Sciece Revealed [Nova Documentary

Jet Stream Map of BC, Canada

Sheriff Updates Investigation Into Prince’s Death


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