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Free Video Details How To Use Your Thoughts Alone to Turn Back the Clock and Reverse Aging!

Dr Gundry's tips for better digestion

Trump: "I'd love a government shutdown over immigration

Trump security team mulls building 5G network. Also, Wall Street slides while Apple drops

Trump of a Deal: President's negotiating skills end in government shutdown

Canada’s Justin Trudeau plays tribute to Tragically Hip star, Gord Downie

Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment allegations span decades

Dozens drown after Rohingya refugee boat sinks

Trump tightens rules on high-skilled immigrants

Trump faces new resistance and low poll numbers

Top stories from NBC and MSNBC

A genius fix for your office commute

Republican Infighting

Sec. Tillerson Confronts Russia With Evidence of Assad Regime’s Attack

United promises investigation after outrage over booted passenger

Jared Kushner battles Steve Bannon for White House power - Huge profile casts Kushner as de facto president Why does Donald Trump go to son-in-law Jared Kushner to lead on critical issues ranging from the opioid crisis to Middle East peace? It’s not because he has years of experience. Joy Reid and her panel discuss

Health Care Failure Leads to Republican Infighting

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Next on President Trump’s agenda; tax reform

Battle for Mosul: More Than 100 Civilians Dead After Airstrikes.The Pentagon is investigating the role U.S. airstrikes have played in the deaths of more than 100 civilians in Mosul.


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