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How are these elders living past 100 ?

9 Signs of Borderline Personality Disorder

Japan radiation embargoed food list

* The Skinny on Skinny Fat: What is Normal Weight Obesity?

Mother’s Fears Are Passed to Children Through Smell, Study Suggests - By Dr. Mercola

Acetaminophen Overdose Is Far Easier Than You Might Think

Study says early DDT exposure may set up
females for obesity diabetes

Latest Health News

What now for the cosmetics industry after EU ban on animal testing?

Anti–Cancer Diet & Lifestyle Techniques, April 6–7

Study: Vitamin D Pills ower Smokers’ Cancer Risk

Beat stress, anxiety and more naturally

Obese heart patients ‘do better’

Lifelong exercise holds key to cognitive well–being

Asthma and Chronic Sinusitis Linked to Persistent Bacteria Infection

Surprise Pancreatic Cancer Discovery Involves Bitter Melon

‘Nightmare bacteria’ creeping over the border into B.C.

U.S. manages disease, not health

Don’t Break the Bank: A Mom's $6
Trick to a Wrinkle Free Face

Health Consequences Resulting From Fukushima

Genetically modified crops harm health

Study: Bee Venom Kills HIV

Submitted by Eric G, MBWN contributor:
Food Babe Investigates:
How Food Companies Exploit Americans with
Ingredients Banned in Other Countries

Caffeinated Nation

Coffee Filters Heavy Metals
from Tap Water

Wasted tax dollars: Referrals from family
doctors for specialists is costly and ‘stupid

ADHD Takes a Toll Well Into Adulthood

You May Be Fueling Your Depression With
These Drinks

Child born with HIV cured by US doctors.
Medical history made with first ‘functional cure’ of
unnamed two–year–old born with the virus but
now needing no medication

By Ethan A. Huff
BPA is Deadly to the Developing Brains of Babies
in Utero, New Study Shows

Top 8 Reasons Not to Fear Saturated Fats

Blood Pressure Medication Found in a Juice

Common vitamins boost bone health

10 Lies and Misconceptions Spread By Mainstream Nutrition

It’s True: You Really Can Protect Yourself Against Electromagnetic Radiation – Here’s How

Old drug may point the way to new treatments for diabetes and obesity

Using Sugar To Heal Wounds

Shedding New Light on Infant Brain Development

Stay Cool and Live Longer?

60 Years of Research Links Gluten Grains to Schizophrenia

Three Easy Ways To Fight Aging By Simply Thinking The Right Thoughts

Personality Plus: Researchers Find Link to Energy Rates.

Naturopathic Medicine and Autoimmune Disease 
Old drug may point the way to new treatments for diabetes and obesity

Naturopathic Medicine and Autoimmune Disease

Migraines could boost heart risk:
By Dr. Mark Stengler

No passing the buck: Retailers hold "ultimate responsibility" for making sure horsemeat is not in products. Following an emergency meeting with supermarket bosses and the FSA, environment secretary Owen Paterson said retailers would have to start doing their own testing.

Link repaired: Medical Science Proves Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) Treats Cancer

Forget Cholesterol, Inflammation’s the Real Enemy

GMOs: Not Even in Moderation

Many countries enjoy better health than the US because they have made different choices in how healthcare is delivered.

Dr. Oz attacks organics, pushes feedlot beef, pesticides, GMOs

Coconuts Benefits

In Combat Vets and Others, High Rate of Vision Problems after Traumatic Brain Injury

Harvard – Nat’l Institute of Health – Study confirms that highly fluoridated water causes lower IQ scores

Avoiding the Dangers of Metal Hip Implants

Burger King reveals its burgers contained horsemeat.

Cedar As A Natural Healing Remedy

Doctors kill 2,450% more people vs all gun deaths combined

Foods that make you hungrier

Garlic Proven 100 Times More Effective Than Antibiotics, A Fraction of The Time

The Hidden Costs of Milk

Uncovered, the ‘toxic’ gene hiding in GM crops: Revelation throws new doubt over safety of foods

Health benefits of sage

American Milk Banned in Europe Because it Does No Body Good

UK Study Proves that Echinacea Prevents and Reduces Colds and Viral Infections

TIL Carbon Monoxide is used in the USA to make meat appear fresher.

The Untapped Power Of Smiling

Foods that Contain the Highest Amount of Pesticides

Vaccine Court Awards Millions to Two Children With Autism

Common Modern Foods Which Cause DNA Damage

Regulating Single Protein Prompts Fibroblasts to Become Neurons

Tea made from coffee leaves found to beneficial for health. A tea brewed from the leaves of the coffee plant have been found to be high in compounds that are good for human health.

The Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease, and Prevention

Vaccine Court Awards Millions to Two Children With Autism

Common Modern Foods Which Cause DNA Damage

Hydrogen Peroxide

Potatoes and Weight Gain" alt="football player" width="200" />
Brain of NFL player who committed suicide shows 'exposure to repetitive head injuries'...

Take Care of Your Bone Health and More. Enjoy the Many Benefits of Vitamin D

Are You Prepared To Survive For The Long–Term?

Five–Cent Diabetes Pill From 1958 May Be New Cancer Drug

Vitamin D supplements no help for colds, flu

The Fight Against Tobacco Can Reinforce Social Inequalities in Smoking

An Apple a Day Lowers Level of Blood Chemical Linked to Hardening of the Arteries

Excess Belly Fat Linked to Depression. Accumulating fat around the belly has long been linked to metabolic syndrome, a collection of problems that include high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose. …

Humans turn Moon into extraterrestrial landfill

Edgar Poe and the ‘infantine imbecility’ of American society

Top 10 Deadliest Countries for Journalists

THE $29 TRILLION DOLLAR ECONOMY BY 2050; WHEN DOES UGANDA FAIL AGAIN? INSIGHT– "Africa Rising" banks on reality matching the metrics

Egypt’s Constitutional Referendum: Did President Morsi Hijack Democracy?

Africa: Genetically Engineered Foods

Is a chemical that killed babies making its way into your hot food?

Electric brain stimulation may treat Alzheimer’s

This or That: The Best Way to Heal Chapped Lips. Should you slather on beeswax or petroleum wax to soothe your dry, chapped lips?

Friday Downer: BPA Substitute Is Still Bad For You

Biofuels cause pollution,
not as green as thought
– study

Which milk is best for you?

Why You Should Ditch Sugar in Favor of Honey

Neurotoxic Flu Drug Approved for Use on Infants

Cells Grown By Japanese Researchers Kills Cancer

Black Seed – ‘The Remedy For Everything But Death’

Food As Medicine

Fructose Effect On Brain May Explain Link To Obesity

Natural Healing of Heart Disease. Prevention without Drugs, Surgery or Chemicals. Avoid heart problems, attacks, strokes, and other coronary disorders with proper nutrition, understanding, and natural remedies

Put Down the iPad, Lace Up the Hiking Boots. That sneaking suspicion that you’re a more focused, creative person out in the woods? It’s true.

5 Reasons to Avoid Plastic Containers

Top 10 Drugs Linked to Violence

CT. Shootings Should Focus Attention on Screening/Treating Mental Health Problems in Youth, Says Ohio State Expert

Vitamin D Deficiencies Linked to Muscle Injuries and Alzheimer’s

Majority of U.S. Pork Supply Tainted
With Deadly Drugs, Bacteria

The Benefits of Soaking Nuts and Seeds

146 Reasons Why Sugar Destroys Your Health

Modified Citrus Pectin & Heavy Metal Removal

The mixing state of carbonaceous aerosol particles in northern and southern California measured during CARES and CalNex 2010

The Effect of Electrosmog on Your Vibration

Forget Natural Alternatives, Scientists Now Using Illegal Meth to Treat Flu

Pesticides used on fruit and
vegetables ‘may be putting young children at risk of cancer’

Russian Biologist: GMO foods
cause sterility in third generation

Early Stress May Sensitize
Girls’ Brains for Later Anxiety

The Paleo Diet Is Uncivilized (And Unhealthy and Untrue)

How to Survive a Gut Infection
Without Medical Assistance

Documentary Reveals How the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry Conspire to Maintain a Failing Business Model

Analysis Finds Flu Vaccine Efficacy Lacking, as Flu Vaccines are
Suspended Across Europe and Canada

High Blood Pressure Could
Cause Your Brain to Age Faster

Antidepressants linked to stroke – – again

Frequent hand–washing is the best
way to prevent flu transmission
But hand–washing is important

GMOs And Our Right To KNOW

Losing Weight From Either a Low–
Carb or Low–Fat Diet Lowers
Body Inflammation

Tea’s health benefits seem

Foods That Can Help Save Your Life

Bananas could replace
potatoes in warming world

Report: Unsafe food putting
lives at risk

Researchers Reveal the Key element related to the activation of Brown Adipocytes

Mysterious Honey Discovered That Kills All Bacteria Scientists Throw At It

How the food industry is deceiving you, [Part 3 (Fake food yum yum)..NOT

How carbs lead to dementia ~ By Dr. Mark Stengler. The foods that will steal your memories

New Flame Retardants, Other Replacement Chemicals, Pose Same Problems As Predecessors

Vomiting virus sweeps Britain

Patient killed in oxygen explosion as a second dies in broken lift

Specially Fermented Vegetables and Fennel are More Effective Than
Calcium to Prevent Bone Loss

3 Simple, Natural Ways for
Detoxing Your Body

The statin–low cholesterol–
cancer conundrum

Wheat: 200 Clinically Confirmed
Reasons Not To Eat It

Low cholesterol linked with
enhanced risk of death

US meningitis cases climb
to 205 as outbreak worsens

Anti–Malarial Inhibits Multiple
Sclerosis, Autoimmunity, Cancer

Mercury in Tuna – An Ongoing Issue

7 Nasty and Crazy Effects
of Pesticides in Food, Exposure

Why You Should Soak Your Grains, Beans, Nuts and Seeds

Electric pants aim to stop bedsores

Not that you’ll be eating your cell
phone anytime soon, but did you
know that it’s loaded with toxins
like mercury, chlorine, and cadmium?

Myth Buster – Here are two flu FACTS they'll never tell you…

Ban under–threes from watching television, says study

Organic foods are better for the environment and your health, right?

Soy Is Everywhere

Finally: Mercury Fillings Set To Be Banned

Pancreatic cancers use fructose, common in Western diet, to fuel growth, study finds

Mood and Mortality – Another Reason to be Happy

Broad Spectrum Botanical Medicines Safe & Effective Treatment Strategy to Address Fungal, Bacterial, Viral & Parasitic Infection

Mood and Mortality – Another Reason to be Happy

Why You Are Looking Old Before Your Time

ADHD Drugs Spell Big Profits For Big Pharma

EAC debt grows as $1.3bn silently siphoned out

Resident to Mayor on NHK: Fukushima plant spewed across Japan, don’t you dare make promises about safety – I don’t want to listen anymore, you’re wasting my time (VIDEO). Coming Home; A Mayor’s Quest to Revive a Fukushima Village

Death by poisoning: Politicians express fear

Chaos at Nebanda burial as Speaker rejects Gov’t death report

{UAH} SAUDIS SEND PRISONERS TO FIGHT IN SYRIA. S. Arabia Sending Death Convicts to Syria to Help Rebels

SKY Habitat – A Luxury Residential Complex in Singapore

Skogafos – The most famous waterfall in Iceland

Intense violence kills dozens in Syria

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