Arab Coalition ‘Robbing Yemen Of Sovereignty'

eastern Ghouta
eastern Ghouta

Syrian rebels to leave key town in eastern Ghouta enclave. BEIRUT — Syrian rebels and their families boarded government buses before departing a …

South Sudan: Drought and war devastating economy. It now has to import almost everything, but rising customs fees are making even the most basic products unaffordable.

Myanmar president
Myanmar president, close friend of Suu Kyi, says he's retiring.

Israeli politicians suspect Netanyahu seeks election to survive corruption probes

A southern Japan volcano made famous in a James Bond film erupted Tuesday, sending smoke and ash thousands of feet into the air and grounding dozens of flights during its biggest eruption in years, officials said. Public broadcaster NHK showed gray volcanic smoke billowing into the sky and orange lava rising to the mouth of the crater. The Meteorological Agency said ash and smoke shot up 7,500 feet into the sky in the volcano’s biggest explosion since 2011.

Sri Lanka declares state of emergency after communal violence. Unrest between Sinhalese and Muslims spreads after arson attacks and riots in central Kandy

Syrian army says takes ground from militants in Eastern Ghouta

M.E. jobless
21 million in the Middle East could be jobless soon!

Protesters in Seoul called for peace talks between the US and North Korea in November
Winter Olympics: Is window for US-N Korea peace closing?

Quake magnitude 5.5 strikes Japan

China has called on the US to “immediately stop” unilateral sanctions targeting North Korea. Beijing has been angered after a number of Chinese businesses were included on a new sanctions list.

Israel downs Iranian drone and strikes Syria as F-16 Crashes

Israeli Law enforcement woefully lax say study by Chief Economist

Suspected U.S. drone strikes kill Pakistani Taliban commander, officials say

Opposition: Netanyahu 'acting like a criminal' in attack on police chief. Gabbay, Lapid slam PM for tirade against Alsheich as corruption investigations near completion and political temperatures rise.

Korean flag
60,000 North Korean children may starve, sanctions slow aid: UNICEF

Snow closes airports, schools in Iran's capital

Afghan forces end deadly Taliban siege at Kabul Hotel

Exclusive: Lester Holt reports from North Korea ahead of Olympic Games.As North Korea and South Korea have engaged in negotiations over the upcoming Olympic Games, the world is holding its breath over whether there is truly a thaw in relations between the two nations. Officials have met in recent days to work out a framework for North Korean participation in the games. Watch Lester Holt’s first look from inside North Korea on this developing situation and tune in as he anchors live from Seoul on Tuesday's "Nightly News."

The Philippines' most active volcano has begun erupting again, after thousands of people on the main island of Luzon were earlier forced to evacuate.

Rights group criticizes jailing of popular Saudi cleric

Likud Votes to Annex Judea and Samaria."We’re here to state the obvious," said Minister of Tourism Yariv Levin. "The land of Israel is all ours, and we will implement our sovereignty on all parts of the country." — By Liel Leibovitz

South Korea offers to hold talks with North after Olympics olive branch. Offer comes as Kim Jong-un says he is prepared to send delegation of athletes to Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang

Bangladesh funeral stampede leaves several dead.

Report: US, Israel sign secret pact to tackle Iran Nuclear and missile threat

Hezbollah-Syrian forces advance on rebels 7 miles from Israel

David Stav, writer
The l0th of Tevet -- as much about today as about ancient destruction

Saudi prince killed in helicopter crash near Yemen border.Prince Mansour bin Muqrin, the deputy governor of Asir province, was returning from an inspection tour when his aircraft came down near Abha late on Sunday, the interior ministry said.

Fireworks Factory Blaze Leaves Dozens Dead in Indonesia. More than 40 others are being treated at hospitals for burns and other injuries.

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