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Real money,the Street. Oversold no longer equals quick bounce?>

Scientific America: In case you missed it.

Finding genes linked to inteligence and more. We've found 50 genes for intelligence that could lead to discrimination

All the most interesting articles of the week, all in one place

Rachael Rettner, Senior WriterMan Has Surgery to Remove 263 Coins, 100 Nails from Stomach

Puzzling Moves:Trump Just Gave Rich Hedge Fund Managers an Awesome Christmas Gift.Activist hedge funds could be hurt, but a loophole may help them. Private equity, real estate and venture capital investments benefit from the final package.

President Trump's Diet Coke and Fast-Food Habit Prompts Doctors' Warnings

The battle over net neutrality enters the next stage. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai passed new rules for the internet, but opposition is mounting in Congress and the courts.

View of two cheerful friends sitting on a curb outside a building
Canada Passed an Anti-Islamic Phobia Motion

We've found 50 genes for intelligence. Could that lead to discrimination?

The most amazing stories this week, all in one place

The U.S. State Department has warned its citizens about traveling to Cancun and Los Cabos, two of Mexico's most popular tourist destinations, after a surge in violence in those regions.


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